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A reputable company

Unlimited Light is the premier manufacturer and supplier of quality safety certified fiber optic lighting kits and chandeliers and sells direct to the end user from this online shop.

With nearly 20 years experience in supplying lighting systems to customers throughout the world, we have steadily built up our reputation as being the most reliable company in our field.

Our kits and chandeliers have been installed in several international Hilton and Waldorf hotels, airports, spas, cruise ships, department stores and private homes. Please visit our projects page to view some examples of our work.

Unlimited Light kits are UL certified for the USA market. Our kits are distributed all over the World and will be supplied with the correct voltage and plugs depending on their destination.

Complete in-house manufacturing

All of our products and end fittings are designed in-house using state-of-the-art 3D design software. Once the design is complete, production moves to our factory where the fittings are manufactured on our high performance CNC machines by trained staff.

Investment in modern computer controlled production methods let us attain high tolerance levels and allows us to make sure that the parts that you receive in your lighting systems are all identically finished to the same high standard.

Extensive QC Procedures

We are quality focused. All our generators are fully burn-in tested by us before they are packed and despatched to our customers. Doing this ensures that the illuminator you receive in your kit will work properly out of the box.

Our kits are properly factory terminated

Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we factory terminate and polish the ends of our fiber optic harnesses. This small but very important step allows us to guarantee that all our kits will let the greatest possible amount of light travel through the harness and out the end fitting.

There are alternative non factory terminated kits on the market and up to 50% of the potential light output can be lost by DIY termination meaning less impact for your money.

Beware of some products on the market with a ‘CE’ label. This can actually mean China Export instead of ‘European Conformity’.

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